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Apparently this is "The clearest photo of Mercury ever taken."

New technology unwraps mummies' ancient mysteries


Our fascination with mummies never gets old. Now the British Museum is using the latest technology to unwrap their ancient mysteries.

Scientists at the museum have used CT scans and sophisticated imaging software to go beneath the bandages, revealing skin, bones, preserved internal organs—and…

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Like if I owe. Not sure who I owe.

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I’ve wanted to post a full page for a while but for some reason I’ve only been doing ultra spoilery ones first.

So here is one which is just a bit of dialogue and the introduction of Hathor who is a main character in The Heavenly Cow prequel. She later goes on to marry Horus. 

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King of restless souls by thomaswievegg

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• Engla Beorhtast • sur We Heart It.

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nickynin:   it’s greece baby!! our sun is always there! 

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like if I owe


'Deadwood' by helios-spada


Morning Habits
When it comes to history, I’m always surprised to discover how little we humans actually have changed over time. Yes, we’ve invented the car and the microwave pizza, but apart from that are we still pretty much the same. We still think and do a lot of the same things as people did for over a thousand years ago. I think that’s pretty amazing … I guess it’s one of the (many) reasons to why I love to study history …

Done with watercolour - enjoy! :D