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Curious as ever, she never found something that she did not wish to explore or intend on figuring out.  This kept her interest; this kept her from becoming bored and losing interest in the mortal realm entirely. Every few weeks, she’d take to the mortal world and walk about rolling the die to which she’d visit and it happened to be Greece.

How long had it been since she had been in the old city? It had been far too long yet it still did not settle with her given her mild stubbornness towards the gods that once ruled. The old goddess, however, tried to keep an open mind and not allow past transgressions cloud her judgment.  

Slowly, she took to the streets.  There was the beauty of the city that kept her awe struck at times praising the people for keeping structures of great importance intact.  Thought mortal hands have modernized it; she still could feel the centuries that preceded it.  Her long raven hair was tucked back as the cool winds caressed it as she mingled among the people searching for the market. 

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